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We come out when you need us the most. We offer a free inspection of your Emergency and give a detail assessment of your situation and how it should be restored back to normal. We are IICRC certified in Water Mitigation.

Your Water Removal Company

Water damage to your carpets is inevitable after a fire or flood in your home. Such damage require the skill and experience of a professional water damage restoration contractor to remove the water damage from the carpet and restore your home to its former state. Since you should hire a professional restoration company after a flood anyway, let them address water-damaged carpets while you focus on other matters such as insurance. For more information about removing water damage from carpet contact us and call 360-383-5478.

When you choose our damage restoration service you have selected a company that cares. We offer direct billing to your insurance company in order to minimize the stress on you and expedite the restoration process.

We are the best emergency 24×7 hour water damage company. Call us to have water or a flood fixed in your home or business in the Bellingham, WA area.

Emergency Water Removal, Flood & Water Damage in Bellingham WA